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Your Guide to Belgium

Did you know that over 80% of the world’s uncut diamonds find their way to Antwerp in Belgium? Perhaps you didn’t and associate Belgium more with chocolate, waffles and beer? There is far more to Belgium than eating, drinking and shopping! When it comes to things to do in Belgium, we can recommend the medieval towns for a start. There are travel deals in Belgium which will provide you with a holiday of infinite variety. Why not read on?

Top Rated Places in Belgium

Immerse Yourself in History in Bruges

See and Hear the Bells of Mons

Recognise the French Influence in Tournai

Avoid Crowds by Going to Mechelen

Marvel at the Grandeur of Ghent

Brussels: Everything You Would Expect of a Capital City

Things to Do in Belgium

Open spaces can be rare in densely populated countries like Belgium. The Ardennes is Belgium’s answer with that, an area of hills ideal for hiking, camping and exploring. The region still holds interesting wildlife such as lynx, wild boar and deer. While in the Ardennes, also check out Bouillon Castle and the Labyrinth of Barvaux.

The diamond capital of the world and a thriving port, Antwerp is also a place to sample Belgium’s famous beers. De Koninck is a well-known Antwerp brewery and you might like to take a tour then sample its products. De Koninck has been brewing for nearly 200 years and its range include light and dark beers.

The oldest Catholic university in Europe is in Leuven, Belgium’s equivalent to Oxford. Over a third of Leuven’s 100,000 population are students so you will feel a distinctly different atmosphere from many other towns and cities. The University was founded in 1425 and with so many students in Leuven during term time, it is a great place to enjoy Belgian nightlife.

There was a terrible toll in World War I in Flanders. Several large military cemeteries hold the bodies of the dead on both sides with Ypres at the heart of memorials. In Flanders Fields Museum brings the battles back to life, and the Last Post ceremony held each evening at the Menin Gate is extremely moving. Those with relatives who fought in the First World War will regard a visit to Flanders as one of the top things to do in Belgium.

Close to the German border you should visit the town of Spa, the original town associated with healing thermal waters. The Pierre le Grand Spring in the heart of town releases thousands of litres of mineral-rich water daily. Today, you also have the alternative of Therme de Spa, a cable car ride up the hill where you can enjoy the pampering provided by the waters as you look across the valley.

With around 120 Michelin-starred restaurants in Belgium and 2 holding the precious 3 stars, you should sample the best of Belgian cuisine. You are likely to book well in advance for any of these outstanding restaurants:

  • Hertog Jan in Bruges – 3 Stars
  • L’Eugenie a Emilie in Saint Ghislain – 2 Stars
  • L’Air du Temps in Liernu – 2 Stars
  • La Duree in Izegem – 2 Stars
  • Hof van Cleve in Kruishoutem – 3 Stars

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Belgium’s Northern European climate has distinct seasons. The sea influence means it rarely gets very cold, but winters can be wet. The best season to enjoy the countryside runs between May and October but the cities’ attractions are enjoyable year round.

Dutch (Flemish) is Belgium’s primary language though there are pockets of French and German speakers. English is widely spoken throughout Belgium.

Belgium has a rich history, a result partly due to the wealth by its seafaring past.

Belgium is a safe place for all using their common sense when walking around towns and cities.

Belgium is a compact country with an excellent transport infrastructure, both road and rail.