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Your Guide to Singapore

Famous for its incredible sky scrapers and exotic blend of cuisines, the cosmopolitan island city-state of Singapore has cemented itself as one of the 21st century tourism strongholds of the world. Nestled in the southernmost point of continental Asia, this ‘green-state’ is home to 4 main races – each contributing a plethora of unique cultures and traditions to Singapore’s harmonious society. In this article, we find out what makes this island a one-of-a-kind tourist hotspot!

5 things to do in Singapore

Get Groovy at the Nightclubs

Feast on Delectable Local Favorites

Go Café/Street Hopping

Peruse the wonders at the Art Science Museum

Stroll through the Botanic Gardens

5 places to visit in Singapore

A 250-acre space of greenery alongside a bay area might not seem like much. But in a tiny bustling island city, you can bet your dollars that there is more to it than meets the eye! Conceptualized in 2005, Gardens by the Bay consists of 3 bays – the east, south and central. Designed by various designers from a multitude of countries, it attracts over 6 million visitors each year with its incredible architecture and vast attractions. The most prominent attraction in this area is the incredible Supertree Growth – a series of large drooping canopies fitted with a myriad of LED lights. One can observe the incredible Garden Rhapsody here – a prominent member of Singapore’s numerous light shows. Other highlights in the Gardens by the Bay include the OCBC skyway (a feature in Aleksander Bach’s Hitman: Agent47 movie), Cloud Forest and Flower dome.

Calling all animal lovers and adventure seekers! An all-time favorite on various Singapore trip planners, the Singapore Zoo is home to over 2,800 species of animals! What sets this zoo apart from any other in the world you ask? The spacious enclosures in which they’re kept; no cages or metal bars, just specially constructed dry and wet moats to separate the animals from the public whilst allowing them their freedom. Just across the entrance to the Singapore Zoo lies the world’s very first first nocturnal zoo. Home to nearly 2,500 animals, the lighting at the Night Safari has been tediously engineered to resemble a jungle at full moon. The result? A chorus of nocturnal sounds that you’re neigh to find elsewhere!

It is here that you will find the true southern-most point of continental Asia. An island on its own located just south of Singapore, one can reach this former British military and Japanese prisoner-of-war island by simply hopping onto any train or bus towards Harbour Front station. There you will find a monorail that takes you straight to any of the island’s 4 rail stops. What’s there to do here? Lots! Some of the island’s many attractions include its string of beaches, a massive climbable 37 meter replica of the merlion (Singapore’s mascot - a half lion, half mermaid statue), and a butterfly park home to over 15,000 butterflies! As with all outdoor attractions on your Singapore travel planner, be sure to check weather forecasts before coming over for a visit.

A visit to Singapore’s biggest shopping district in the day is incredible, but visit it in the night and you will find yourself in a whole different dimension. An incredible display of lights ranging from massive neon advertisement boards to tiny fair lights illuminate the busy roads and night sky as the sun disappears – setting the mood for a cozy and romantic night’s out. It is here that visitors can revel in the availability of luxury retail goods and the finest selection of international cuisine. Featuring a whole range of elegant shopping malls, Orchard Road is truly a shopper’s paradise and a prominent feature in various ‘Tour Singapore Packages’.

Imagine 3 massive buildings sloping from the bottom up till they stand tall, grand and perpendicular to the ground far below. Now vision a massive party boat on top of this incredible feat. You have the Marina Bay Sands. Inside this awe-inspiring structure lies a casino whose cost at its time of opening in 2010 stood at 8-billion SGD, making it the world’s 2nd most expensive casino to date. 2,561 rooms occupy the luxurious hotel above, the world’s largest infinity pool capping it off atop its famous ‘ship’ – also a point for Singapore’s most prestigious roof-top bar, Ce La Vi. From here, visitors can sip a cocktail, take a dip in the pool, or simply observe the incredible cityscape – making it a must-visit on every tourist’s Singapore trip planner.

Tours and Activities in Singapore

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Although most of the things to do in Singapore revolve around indoor activities, it is best to pop by between February and April right after the rainy season and before temperatures get too high.

Drugs are a 100% no-no here, do not litter, do not eat/drink on public transport and be sure to give up your priority seats on trains when the opportunity arises – slightly harsh, but with good reason!

Singlish is the bread and butter of every locally-born and bred Singaporean. A mix of English, Mandarin Chinese, Hokkien, Malay and even Tamil, this fascinating tongue is spoken so fast that it is usually undiscernible to anyone but locals!

Singapore is a country just over 50 years old, yet it is the world’s most expensive country according to Forbes. It has a mandatory education system, national service system (for men), its own powerful currency and boasts state of the art infrastructure and multi-billion dollar import/export systems.

Touted as of the safest countries in the world, rest assured that laws in Singapore are incredibly well-kept - making it a haven of safety for solo female travellers.

Main transportation in Singapore revolves around (SBS) buses and (MRT) trains. It is widely available and services most areas on the island. Simply pop onto google maps for easy readings on how to get from Point A to B.