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The traditional food of the Japanese offers a stumble into gastronomical nourishments with a tremendous variety of seasonal and regional dishes. You will enjoy a variety of food in Japan, especially when it comes to recipes that made from Seafood or specifically Fish. the best ones are restaurants which has geisha performance or themes, in that way you get to enjoy the hospitality of geisha girls at the same time if you are lucky, you could watch one of their performance while enjoying your meals.

In Japan, the practice of Buddhism was introduced since 552 CE. Traveling Along this route, Japan's indigenous religions embodying the nation's sacred congruity. It should not shock anyone that "zen" entered the English lexicon from Japanese Buddhism. When it comes to Buddhism and if you want to learn bits of knowledge, the old sanctuaries are effortlessly sprinkled around in Japan, which makes a primary spiritual tour agenda.

Sakura or ‘Japan’s cherry blossom season is such a noteworthy fascination. The cherry blossoms give spring season in Japan by covering of pleasure. The flowers will be all shades of red and white and photographers would not want to miss the opportunity to visit Japan during this time. There will also be some sweet nourishments like Cherry Shaved Ice or plum Shaved Ice Cones, which tourist would love to experience.

While the cities in Japan like Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto represents a small amount of snow, other places in Japan may make you experience a snow world. Snowy Japan furnishes a provocative white cover stuffed with exemplary experiences and unique celebrations. Nagoya makes one of the planet's best skiing and snowboarding, and you also can experience mythical snow monkeys tumble through the charming timberlands of Jigokudani looking for hot springs. At the point when winter arrives, Japan offers similarly the same number of imaginative agenda choices.

The Natural Hot Springs is famous and very entertaining in Japan. In provincial Japan, Japan has some of the most beautiful Mountain Retreats that very traditional at the same time. The Retreats usually follow the Japanese customs; this includes the bamboo stick Hot Springs at mountain view. This is recommended for retirees, to have a splendid time in the retreats, with some relaxations, spa, Japanese massage and more.

Anime is a style of hand-drawn and PC movement beginning in and ordinarily connected with, Japan. The word anime is the Japanese expression for animation, which implies all types of enlivened media. Additionally, Robots or Artificial Intelligence are more coordinated in Japanese life than anyplace else.

Ever dream to become a ninja warrior or become a swordsmanship learning how to fight. Japanese Martial arts is another level altogether. One of the best place to learn martial arts is in Japan. There are varieties of types of the art of martial arts that you can learn in Japan or even just come to enjoy some of its amazing Japanese martial arts shows.


"OMAKASE" was made by following this culture. This site offers the Japanese charm like history, traditional culture, food, manga, animation, etc. that the professional of travel in Japan chose for the travelers visiting Japan by the shape as a tour and an experience. Enjoy "Japan" that professional of Japanese travel chose to your heart's content!

A focus on getting away from the crowds and into the real Japan, carefully selected accommodations with superb service and exquisite regional cuisine, bilingual expert guides, thoughtfully-created itineraries by those with a passion for Japan. We have a selection of small-group guided tours, seeing Japan at street-level, experiencing the cultural heritage, the traditions and the hospitality of Japan. Enjoy the pampered comfort of a traditional ryokan, soak in the waters of a hot spring, and taste the freshest ingredients prepared exquisitely for you by your hosts. Visit Japan with us.

Interested in Food-Drink Tour or a day tour, JAPAN WONDER TRAVEL incubating original tours or selecting contents to enjoy Japan one step deeper. All of our tours are the best we believe. We can promise you could go home with great smiles and wonderful memories.

For over 30 years, Japan Experience has been helping travelers plan their perfect trip to Japan. As a leading specialist travel company, we want to share our passion and knowledge of the country. We have a team of experts based in the UK, US, France, and Japan who are happy to discuss your trip, and an online guide with over 1500 articles on history, culture and different points of interest throughout Japan. Japan Experience offers 25 tours, 50 houses for rent in Tokyo, Kyoto, and other major cities in Japan. Other services and products that we offer are our activities, car rental, and the Japan Rail Pass. All to make your trip to Japan a unique experience.

Walk Japan provides authentic and enjoyable tours to discover Japan, its people, society and culture. Beginning in 1992 with our innovative and best-selling Nakasendo Way tour, we were the first to successfully introduce the real Japan, geographically and culturally, that often remains inaccessible for most visitors to the country. Since then, Walk Japan has created more original tours throughout Japan and been widely recognized for its work, including selection by National Geographic as one of the 200 Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth.