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Your Guide to Indonesia

Did you know that Indonesia comprises around 15,000 islands, many uninhabited? Not surprisingly, you can huge diversity in history, culture but also terrain. When it comes to things to do in Indonesia, active travellers will love hiking active volcanoes or diving in largely unexplored seas. The many remote regions contrast sharply with the bustling streets of the Capital, Jakarta. Travel deals in Indonesia are plentiful; here are ideas of what you should have included.

Indonesia’s Top-Rated Place

Seek Out Borobudur Temple

Combine Religion with Wildlife in Sacred Monkey Forest

Mount Krakatau Reminds You of a Huge Eruption

Step Back in Time at Tana Toraja

Jatiluwih Rice Fields Are Testimony to Local Farming Skills

Watch Your Step in Komodo National Park

Things to Do in Indonesia

Think Bali and think sandy beaches. Even though Bali has much more to offer, it is the Bali beaches that attract tourists but be prepared for crowds on the most popular ones:

  • Kuta is probably Bali’s most popular beach. Whether you want to simply sunbathe, enjoy surfing and meeting people, Kuta is a choice to consider.
  • Nusa Dua is not so crowded and offers shopping, restaurants, golf, museums and temples as well as beautiful white sands.
  • Sanur in South East Bali is a 5-kilometre beach which offers local culture as well as water sports, so it is your option if you are a group or family with differing interests.
  • Balangan Beach is a great place to simply stroll along soft sand. Fairly remote, you will rarely find it busy.

The Ring of Fire around the Pacific is famous with Indonesia having several active volcanoes. If you would like to look down into an active crater, then Mount Bromo is an excellent option if you enjoy trekking. It is located in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in Java close to Java’s highest peak, Mount Semeru. The Tengger is an ethnic group whose home is within the Park and their ancestry goes back to the Majapahit Empire in the 14th and 15th Centuries.

Lombok’s popularity is rising year on year with the Gili Islands a great place to both snorkel and scuba dive. The waters are home to turtles with a local sanctuary well worth a visit. Whether you want to swim, go kayaking or simply relax, you will find all you want if you visit these islands.

We share 98% of our DNA with Orangutans and paying them a visit on the Island of Borneo is something you must do. Borneo is part Malaysia, part Indonesia with the Tanjung Puting National Park in Kalimantan a place with a good orangutan population. Primates, reptiles and birds are also found in abundance, but you have to be lucky to see the Sumatran Rhino or a pygmy elephant. If you cannot get to Borneo, Sumatra has the Bohorok Orangutan Centre in Bukit Lawang.

Lake Toba was formed around 70,000 years ago, almost certainly after a violent eruption. It is more than 1,100 square kilometres with an impressive depth of 450 metres. It is still an active region with small islands still emerging. A beautiful lake, you can swim, canoe, fish or water ski.

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Are you interested in culture and have thought about a visit to Java? If so, we can recommend travel deals in Indonesia which include the chance to see the ancient city in the East known as Yogyakarta. The 8th Century Temple at Borobudur is a real highlight of any visit to Java.

Forget Bali’s beaches just for a moment, although we can take you to the best white sands Bali has to offer. Why not look a little further and enjoy other tours and activities in Indonesia? We would recommend the lovely Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud for something a little different from the busy tourist areas. We will happily arrange everything for you.

If you are looking for an adrenalin rush, as an experienced Indonesia trip planner, we will happily oblige. You can go trekking one day and take to the white water the next. There is no problem adding a bit of culture to the tailormade itinerary as well as giving you time to relax. Why not get in touch?

Take advantage of our experience as an Indonesia travel planner. Bali has real variety beyond simply its lovely beaches. While there is plenty to interest those wanting to learn more about history and culture, one of Bali’s highlights is surely the Jatiluwih Rice Fields where local farming skills guarantee an excellent crop every time.

Indonesian food reached Europe through its connections with the Dutch and it remains extremely popular with its distinctive dishes. It is a broad term to say ‘’ Indonesian food’’ because you will discover regional variety, favourite street foods and some extremely interesting ingredients. Let us put together an itinerary from our Indonesia packages so that you can sample the best of what Indonesia has to offer.


April to September is the dry season in Indonesia. Shoulder season, March and October sees fewer crowds. Other months will have rainfall, but it may only be heavy rain for a couple of hours before nice weather returns.

While Bali welcomes many tourists and is very ‘’westernised’’ it is important to remember that Indonesia has a Muslim majority. Tourists will be expected to dress appropriately away from beaches, especially at religious sites.

Introduced to Indonesia by the Dutch, coffee is arguably the commodity most associated with Indonesia except it has a range of native spices now enjoyed by the whole world.

Indonesia, the largest island nation in the world, has a large and youthful population tolerant of all religions.

There is little reason for a solo female traveller to worry about personal safety in Indonesia any more than a place back home. It only takes common sense to be perfectly safe.

The public transport system in cities is fine although buses may be old. Air travel is common between the islands while trains are used for longer trips. Taxis are common within cities. Boats are the slow way to get around this vast island country.